Friday, August 14, 2015

Naples - a great city worth a visit

Naples is an amazing city. Not to be missed.

We travelled to Naples in Summer so it was hot. But we always felt safe and thoroughly enjoyed the diversity the city has to offer

With almost 4 million inhabitants it is one of the largest cities in Europe and indeed one of the oldest continual inhabited cities dating back to 200BC

It has a flourishing port with many international cruise liners docking in the port.

In the 19th century it formed an alliance with Sicily prior to becoming part of the unification of Italy

The people are outgoing and the traffic chaotic




Waiters at Mare Chiaro waiting for the first guests of the evening. Mare Chiaro is an upmarket  seaside area just outside the city of Naples. Most restaurants overlook the sea.
One of the restaurants in Mare Chiaro with views over the sea.

Palazzo Petrucci restaurant, on Piazza San Domenico Maggiore n. 4 is a must.
Regarded as one of the best in Naples the food and service is outstanding....and it will not break the budget
Seaside with restaurants
There are many fine hotels in Naples. This is the one we stayed in. Palazzo Alabardieri not far from the ocean. Great value and well located.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Forte Dei Marmi, Tuscan Coast

Forte dei Marmi is located along the northern Tuscany coast. It is noted for its sandy beaches with upmarket beach chairs, lounges and shelters. It is popular with the northern Italians along with international visitors 


Beach volley ball with a difference

The town is a "label" shoppers paradise

 The town of Pietrasanta is close by and well worth a visit

Main square in Pietrasanta

And further south you will find many attractive beach havens such a Viareggio

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rocca D'Orcia- A hilltop village in southern Tuscany

Rocca D'Orcia is a hilltop village situated just south of Montalcino. It was first mentioned as a fortified place back in 867 and was very strategic overlooking the Val D'Orcia. It was particularly strategic for Siena protecting it from southern raids.

It is a quiet quaint village well worth a look around.

Just above the town is Rocca a Tentennano an impressive rock fortress which dominates the valley. During Spring and Summer many Works of Art are shown. It’s worthwhile visiting.

The imposing fortress

The central well of the town

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Montisi, Tuscany,

Montisi is a beautiful small town in southern Tuscany. Quite but just fabulous to walk around and immerse yourself in a typical southern Tuscan town
Even the residents will come out to greet you

Not happy?

It is a proud town with some wonderful floral displays

A great wine bar

One of the Montisi streets. The one on the left runs right through the town

Walking and just enjoying the tranquillity and ambience of the town

A very good organic restaurant, Da Roberto in town

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rome - Our journey in August

Sights of our favourite places in Rome.

The Trevi Fountain
The Pantheon

The Pantheon dome

Near the Pantheon

Interesting entrance and light


Piazza Navona

Bernini's famous fountain in Piazza Navona

Movie making in Piazza delle Pace

Piazza delle Pace

Vittorio Emmanuelle monument 

St Peters and Vatican city

The Roman Forum

Victory gates to the Roman Forum

The Colleseum

The Tibur

Largo di Torre Argentina hosts four Roman temples, and the remains of Pompey's theatre. Julius Caesar was reputedly assassinated here.